You 'll want to be useful if a heavy fall involves a training partner.

Hemotion® is the piece of the puzzle that was missing between the fall and the arrival of help.

Every day, 270 accidents are related to activity and sports*.

*French public health figures

  • Special forces

    During his career in the special forces , Tony finds himself faced with a situation where he cannot react effectively. This event will be at the origin of the creation of Hemotion®.

  • Assignment

    He wants to transform the subject of first aid by modernizing this repulsive and sometimes taboo subject.
    Solutions for athletes who surpass themselves!

  • Sports & Health

    To optimize the health of sportsmen and women in training, it develops innovative and tailor-made solutions, in collaboration with athletes.

  • Gérard HOLTZ

    Sports journalist

  • Lisa-Mary AUTHIE

    Freestyle skating

  • UrbanExplorer

    Urban Exploration (YouTube)

  • Yannick MATEJICEK


  • Antoni VILLONI


  • Stéphane DIAGANA

    President of Nice Côte d'Azur Athletics

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