During a first aid training , you always learn a lot .
But what remains after 30 days?

We offer adapted and tailor-made first aid initiations according to the sport practiced.

The training is carried out by Tony BUSCH , ex-member of the Special Forces, graduate of 10 first aid certifications .

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    The number of athletes already trained.

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    Federations, Clubs, Preparation Centers & Events who trusted us in 2022.

  • ≈ 400

    The number of situations resolved since our visit.


On July 3, 2020, law n°2020-840 defined the status of citizen lifeguard.
What does that mean ?

In the following 4 situations :
- Hemorrhage
- Loss of consciousness
- Cardiac arrest
- Choking

If the gestures performed are not strictly in accordance with what you learned a few months or years ago,
"the citizen rescuer is exonerated from all civil liability "


"You are experts in your sport, I am an expert in injury management.
Together, let's define your needs and find the most suitable solutions"

Tony BUSCH - Founder Hemotion®

Not all sports carry the same risks.
So why offer the same training to everyone?

- Trauma,

- Concussion,

- Drowning,

- Hemorrhage.

Become confirmed in the management of situations specific to your activity 🏅

To find out more, let's get to know:

The questions we are often asked 💬

How does it happen ?

It always goes very well.
The training is an exchange during which Tony transmits the best solutions.

The initiations are always split into 2 parts:

-A theoretical part,

-A practice part.

Are you really coming to us?

Yes, we travel everywhere in France.
Who else does this?

How much does it cost ?

The training costs on average 67€ per person.

How far can training be personalized?

How far can your imagination go?