Journée à la FFSNW (Fédération Française de Ski Nautique et de Wakeboard)

Day at the FFSNW (French Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding)

On Saturday May 20, 2023, Hemotion® traveled to the headquarters of the French Federation of Water Skiing and Wakeboarding (FFSNW) to provide a tailor-made first aid initiation.

First, the Hemotion®-style theory 🏅
An interactive exchange with the athletes and the National Technical Director, very rich in learning!

Hemotion training - the theory

Then practice and real situations at the edge and on the water.

In the meantime, the Federation has offered to Tony, our leader, to learn about the discipline.

We get wet at Hemotion

Challenge taken up hands down by Tony, who managed to circumnavigate the course several times thanks to the advice of Hugo CHARBIT, coach of the France team.

Tony (almost) ready to test the wake

A beautiful day and partnerships in perspective:
The best is yet to come ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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