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First aid in sports

Why equipping oneself with equipment adapted to sports injuries is an asset for coaches?

The work of a trainer is varied and he must sometimes deal with unforeseen circumstances. Its goal is to develop the talent of athletes while meeting physical demands.

Although the roles of a coach may vary depending on the sport, all want a good understanding of the specific injuries their athletes encounter. This article covers the general aspects of first aid in sport, whether you are a football coach, an ultra-trail specialist or a staff member of a Wingsuit pilot.

The responsibilities of a sports trainer extend to the health and safety of the sportsman, which includes the anticipation as well as the treatment of injuries. Unfortunately, injuries and accidents happen during the development of the athlete and it is important that the coach has received the basic skills related to his sport. In this case, it will then be able to provide the appropriate treatment to a wide range of incidents.

First aid in sport can cover minor injuries, sprains, concussions, up to cardiac arrest and other life-threatening injuries.

Consequently, a coach must be ready to react to a minor or major event without questioning or being in doubt.

Beyond recognizing and treating injuries, the coach must be able to make the right decision, as this will directly influence the subsequent treatment of the injured person.

At Hemotion®, the equipment is aimed at athletes and supervisors, to accompany them during their training. They are developed and validated by top athletes from sports, outdoor sports and extreme sports. These products are adapted according to the environment and the type of injury most frequently encountered.

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